What did I Just DO…..?

ex cf games 2014Short blog post tonight. I did something rash and impulsive and probably crazy.

I signed up to participate {ok ok COMPETE} in the CrossFit Games. Yeah.

If you don’t know what I have just done, I have signed up to do 5 mystery WOD’s that are designed to find the best of the best CrossFitters across the world. The best over the 5 weeks will advance and eventually there are finals and really toned, fit and intense people will compete against each other. I am under no illusions, I won’t advance. Heck, I bet there will be some workouts I will have to scale 100%. But I will still try. So why I am I doing this? I am doing it to push myself. To see what I can really do. It’s an experience! It could be fun? Who knows.

I don’t want to advertise this. I want to do these on Friday night’s, when there are very few people there, as I dislike it when people get in my face to “encourage me” to pick up the barbell. I don’t mind if you count down to help me mentally get there, but the overly enthusiastic people get under my skin. And that will be the crowd on Saturday. So Friday’s. Quietly. Under the radar.

This also means on Saturday’s I can take pictures of all the hardkore athletes and practice my photo skills. Win-win!

P.S. Thanks to Kat and Lindsay for handling my concerns before I made this decision!

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