The Deal with Dairy

© Copyright 2013 CorbisCorporationReintroduction phase 1 is complete! On Wednesday I did as I planned–latte in the morning, cheese for lunch and ice cream with dinner. The latte went over alright–my stomach talked to me more in the morning and I had some extra bowel movements {aren’t you excited to know these things?}. The biggest reaction was to cheese, and it wasn’t good. I only put a little on my spaghetti squash and tomato sauce but it was enough to make my stomach cramp. It made me so uncomfortable I didn’t want to have dairy at dinner, which is crazy because I love my ice cream! But I felt better by the time dinner rolled around so I gave the ice cream a try. Shockingly enough, I had no physical reaction to ice cream, well other than my taste buds singing.

Verdict from Wednesday: cheese is not my friend. Latte’s shouldn’t be a daily thing.

Then today and yesterday I went back to Whole30 eating and noticed a bit of a rash on my chin and cheek today. So it seems like I might be mildly allergic to dairy. And if it is showing up on my skin, I wonder what is happening in my gut.

Overall verdict: limited dairy in my diet, to none. Besides, I am not the intended audience for dairy, I am not a baby cow!

Tomorrow’s test: legumes! Peanut butter! Hummus! Bison chilli! YUM