Guest Writer: My Husband!

As I was approaching the end of my Whole30, I asked my husband to write something for my blog. We laughed as we discussed how he had been victimized by my inability to eat anywhere “delicious” and how I had asked him to try strange things like spaghetti squash and zoodles. So I thought his post was going to be funny, as he is bitingly sarcastic. Instead he decided to be wonderfully sappy. So without further stalling, here is my husband’s perspective of the past 30 days:

I have told her this many times, my wife is my greatest inspiration. When Christine gets passionate about something, there is no stopping her. As for me, I like quotes. Quotes can be inspirational, witty, profound, or all of the aforementioned. Here’s one in particular that sums up Christine’s weight loss journey, from when it started 4 years ago to where it stands today.
Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. 
– Napoleon Hill
Christine’s journey began with “I’ll eat better and go to the gym.” That’s a thought a lot of us have. For many of us, that’s all we ever do. We work all day, we have a household to take care of, we have no time for ourselves and all we want to do after a long day is sit down on the couch. And eat. God that chocolate looks good and I’m just going to have a little ice cream with that because you know what, I deserve it. I do that. Christine did that.
To understand the results of the present, one must examine the past. As old idioms go, experience is the best teacher. There was a time when the chocolate and the ice cream would win. But when Christine puts herself on a program such as the cleanse or the Whole 30, there is no stopping her. She’s as hardcore as it gets. No restaurants. No sweets. No cheating. She has stuck to the Whole 30 day in and day out. It has been a total lifestyle change from even what she was doing right before she started it.
I want to congratulate Christine on an amazing job throughout the entire Whole 30. Her transformation is not only recognized through her mental toughness but her physical attributes as well. She’s truly done a magnificent job and I couldn’t be more proud of her.