Whole30: Results

I didn’t weigh myself before starting this so my results are inches based. Either way, I had some great results!

ex inches

I lost a total of  10 inches! Mostly in my waist and hips, which is an area I struggle at getting down. I am also happy that my thighs went down so much, maybe those skinny jeans will now fit? I am hopeful!! Especially since the latest pair of jeans I bought I can take off without undoing them.

After reading the boards, it seems like my results are on the higher end of typical. I am really pleased and look forward to buying some new clothes!

3 thoughts on “Whole30: Results

    • Thank you!! I am amazed at how my belly has shrunk, I don’t plan to stay too far from eating like this. Partially because of the results, but partially because it’s helping me kill my sugar cravings. I have never had anything work like this.

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