Whole30: FINISHED!

ABM_1391576377If I were to sum up what has happened in the past 30 days, some people will think I have been brainwashed. Gullible. Or that I am lying. How can you give up so many of the foods you love and actually enjoy what you eat and who you are turning into? No sugar? No dairy? No peanut butter? Where is the joy in your life? Don’t get me wrong, I have missed chocolate like I had a limb cut off from my body. But here’s the thing–I got back into the kitchen, I stopped making food from a box and I started to play around with herbs, spices and different ingredients like bison! I discovered that with eating the right amount of protein and good fat each meal I don’t get hungry in-between meals, which was something I did all. the. time. Further, once I stopped having sugar, I stopped craving it. I read about other people who had done this and frankly I thought they were shitting me. But it’s true. The less you have, the less you want it. Before I started this I felt like I could never ever give up sugar completely. Now? Now I don’t obsess over it. Am I excited to have a tiny bit tomorrow? You bet your ass I am. I am going to suck so hard on the Hershey Kiss. But I am not going to have an entire bag {don’t think I haven’t done that} and I don’t want to. I am feeling too good eating real food.

Biggest Take-Aways:

  • I love cooking! I love playing around with herbs, spices, meats and seeing what I can make. It’s a different kind of creativity for me. Cilantro, I love you.
  • I love new foods! Bison and spaghetti squash were my biggest surprises. Making cauli-rice was also a big win.
  • I have an amazing, and I mean AMAZING, support system here. Robert, my husband, has taken these 30 days in stride, from not having any ice cream in the house, to scary paleo meals being served to him; from me being an emotional wreck for the first two weeks, to not eating out anywhere he loves. He sacrificed a lot to help me. Then there are my CrossFit friends Hayley, Eileen and Debbie. We started our own prep group and on Sunday’s we met {and will continue to meet} and made food or condiments to help us during the 30 days. We used things I had never used before–mandolins and spiralers {zucchini noodles FTW}. Hayley and I text everyday and would compare notes on all our emotions and symptoms. She has been my rock and I am so glad she was in this as much as I was.
  • I can be satisfied with my diet and not eat sugar. I do miss tasting sweet things and yes, I sometimes have “meat breath” but I don’t think about sugar every hour of every day. The Whole30 has freed me of my sugar prison.
  • I can lose weight. I had been stuck at this size for so long I was starting to think I wasn’t going to get any lower. I didn’t know what was wrong. Maybe this was as good as it was going to get? Then, 30 days later, I am down a full size and my waist and hips are disappearing.

I am hopeful I have inspired just one person to do the Whole30 and see if it works for them. It will change how you think about food and you will feel amazing at the end. Real food = healthy, happy body.

For the future I plan to keep at this. I know it works for me and I believe firmly I can reach my goal size by eating real food. I am excited and shocked by all this and am so excited for what 2014 has for me. Stay tuned for my results! And a post from my husband? Yeah!