Change is Coming

ex eat acc to goalsI have had an interesting few days. Survived the first winter storm warning by watching Breaking Bad with the husband 🙂 I haven’t been to CrossFit as much as I feel I should be, but I have been running more.

This weekend was kind of strange in the sense that I started to see more and more changes in my body. I think it hit me all at once. My face is significantly smaller, my waist is disappearing and I have this large amount of fat around my hips and that has never really gone down…well it is now. Each day I am amazed at how I am changing. If you had asked me January 6th if I thought this was going to happen, I would have told you unequivocally NO. I have changed my eating in the past, sure it was for a lesser amount of time, but I still didn’t see many changes in my body. But I am now and it’s very much an incentive to continue eating like this. Granted, I am missing certain things and I am going to want to participate in life events, like birthday’s and date night with the husband. But beyond that, I am liking how I feel, the energy level I have now {my house is so much cleaner!} and the fact that I have more stamina. So my proposal is to eat like this 2 weeks a month, so that I can continue to get healthier, and the other two weeks will be me having the little things I want, like coffee with sugar (mmmmm), some chocolate or ice cream. I won’t go crazy, but I will want a little bit.

ex strong nneeww

The best thing from this experience has been my husband. He has been very supportive, he hasn’t brought any temptation into the house and has lived without his favourite things to support me. He has also been amazed at my transformation. He keeps saying “I am hugging what is left of you!”. And then something miraculous happened this weekend–he said he felt this was the right path for me, that I shouldn’t stop after 30 days, and that he wants to join me. I was blown away! This guys loves sugar as much, if not more than me! He drinks at least 2 Cokes a day, sneaks sweets in his car since they are frowned upon being in the house, would eat ice cream every night if he could and gets late-night cravings for sweets. So for him to want to join me, that is amazing. It also reaches a personal goal of mine–to get him to give up Coke for a while {if not permanently}.

Another great change I have seen is the joints in my knee being less sore, and thus my lunges are much deeper! And the rosacea on my face is going away. I will be curious to see, in the reintroduction period, what is making my body flame up like this.

I am excited to see where all this takes me. I am ready to be in control of my eating for the first time in a long, long time.