Whole30: Day 18 – 20 Check-In


Pie Day at wok. Conrad’s beautiful pie!

You know what? I don’t know where this Tiger Blood is, but I am not experiencing it. False advertising Whole 30! But I can report the following:

  • sleeping longer, more deeply, I wake up feeling refreshed!
  • I have a bit more energy, I am doing more around the house, I am running more, I feel more active
  • I am not craving any sugar BUT I am getting tired of not being able to participate in social activities with others because of my eating restrictions
  • I have zero desire to eat food in-between meals, which has been slowly happening, I attribute this to my planning ahead and eating creative, delicious meals all the time
  • I am getting fuller faster, as mentioned in my last post, and I think it’s partially due to me eating real food and not empty calories that never filled me up
  • I am not through my emotional transition here and I know it–I miss chocolate and latte’s on an emotional level. I am counting down to day 31 so I can have a latte, I am also worried that I will have a physical reaction to the latte and I will no longer be able to have them. If that is the case, I will be fine with it, but I will miss it
  • Due to knowing I am not emotionally healed, I am thinking of doing a 2nd Whole30 in 2 months to continue this process

This week’s food plan is pretty delicious:

  1. ABM_1390705250Spaghetti squash & homemade marinara sauce
  2. Bison burgers
  3. Cauliflower “pizza”
  4. BBQ chicken

This also means you will see more recipe posts from me, since I am trying out the pizza recipe! Aren’t you excited??

I am also thinking of going to the Whole Athlete seminar but I have two concerns: a) It’s $100 {wow! expensive!} and b) it’s 9am-4pm on a Saturday, meaning I would lose a good chunk of my weekend. Can’t I just get cliff notes? So why do I want to take the class? Because they talk about important issues for me like:

  • Balancing nutrition, sleep, training, and recovery so that your hard training actually pays off
  • Dealing with injury – physically and psychologically
  • How to know whether you need more or less training to keep progressing
  • Detailed sleep recommendations – how to improve your sleep to improve your performance

All of these I have been trying to figure out on my own and I think it would help to get some expert advice in this area. So I will ponder whether the cost is worth it. I just wish there were some reviews about it so I could know what the word on the street is.

On a side note, I have fallen in love with Kombucha! My favourite flavour is Gingerade, it tastes like Ginger Ale and I love it.