Whole 30: Day 13-17 Check-In

ABM_1390451630Ola gentle readers! I have to say that things have calmed down since my last post. I haven’t had major temptation, which has been a a godsend. The weekend is always hard, the temptation to eat out is at its highest. Before I moved to Houston I hardly ever ate out on the weekend, but it has become a tradition to do this as Robert and I do date night on Friday’s, we usually go out for lunch with his parents on the weekend. So I continue to miss this. Not having to prep every meal, getting some time off. I did go out for lunch with Hayley on Saturday {Corner Table knows me on sight at this point!}, but the rest of the meals were at home.

Going into this week, I made some amazing ribs to have for lunch and they turned out so so so so well. I already posted the recipe. It is glorious!!! I have been feeling satisfied with every meal I have and sometimes I am full quickly and stay full until the next meal, which is something I have experienced very little in the past. Today I was so satisfied from my breakfast I decided to not go to Starbucks, when I had gotten up early just to go! What?? Have I been possessed? Alien takeover? Whatever has happened, it seems like I am breaking my old habits. I am changing physically and mentally. Like other things, I scoffed at the thought that I would change this quickly. I should have been less skeptical.

I have also been trying to work harder at CrossFit and not be that girl who complains about every WOD. Monday’s was brutal and I am still sore from it:

ex snatch17 minutes to get as far as you can doing:

40 burpees

30 snatches @ 45#

30 burpees

30 snatches @ 75#

20 burpees

30 snatches @ 100#

10 burpees

I got to round 3. I did 96–so close to 100! It was hard as hell and 2/3 of the way through I got mad at myself for stopping to catch my breath. So going into tonight’s WOD I gave myself a pep talk and said I wasn’t going to be so crabby and whiny. It somewhat worked. The WOD tonight was more snatches and my shoulders/back were will sore, so I was a little disappointed and emotional about it. Thankfully coach Niiko allowed me to practice and not do such high weight. It was still a good workout and I am getting better at snatches. I just need to thrust my hips more. And skim my shins more.

So it doesn’t feel like the “Tiger Blood” has hit, but I am changing still and I am not as tortured as I was earlier. I look forward to what the next 13 days bring!