Chinese Five-Spice Pork Ribs Recipe

IMG_3364This little dandy comes from the cookbook Well Fed 2. It’s a paleo cookbook that has turned into a go-to book for me during the Whole30. I bought some ribs yesterday and went home and made them. Cause I am impatient like that. These ribs just might be crazy tasty. AND they are very easy to make!


3-4 pounds of baby back or St. Louis pork ribs

salt and ground pepper

2 tsp of Chinese five-spice powder

3/4 tsp of coarse (granulated) garlic powder

1 fresh jalapeno, cut into rings

2 tbsp of rice vinegar

2 tbsp of coconut aminos

1 tbsp of tomato paste


IMG_3365You will be stacking the ribs standing UP in the slow cooker, so cut them into pieces that will fit length-wise. I cut them with five bones in each strip. Now lay the ribs on the cutting board and sprinkle salt and pepper on them. Next, in a small bowl, mix the chinese spice and garlic powder together, then massage onto the meat to coat the ribs. Hope you like having bloody, spicy fingers!

After washing your hands, toss the pre-cut jalapeno into the bottom of your slow cooker, add the vinegar, aminos, and tomato paste. Mix so everything is blended together. Don’t freak out, there is barely any juice at the bottom of the cooker, it is ok. The ribs will drip down into the sauce and then things just turn delicious!! Add the ribs, stand them up. If you have a roasting rack, use this for the ribs. Cover and cook the ribs for 6 hours on high or 810 hours on low.

The recipe calls for separating the fat from the sauce but I didn’t do that. Fat on ribs is like chocolate sauce on ice cream. Just do it for the taste, ok?

And that’s it!!! How easy was that?? BOOM! Fall apart ribs of awesome!