Whole30: Day 4-9 Check-In

photoHello all! I didn’t want to post updates all the time because it would read:

“I was upset and wanted to kill everyone”

“I am happy and everything is great!”

“I am bored with my breakfast, boo”

Basically each day is its own beast. Some days are awesome, others suck. They thing I notice is, if I workout my next day is MUCH MUCH better. So working out everyday it is! {kidding}{sort of} I wish everything would even out a little more, I like being a consistently bubbly person. Having moments turns into ugly moments makes me sad and I think about it too much.

I am cooking a lot, and it’s consistent. Even when I am exhausted from a day at work and CrossFit, I make the time to make my meals at the end of the night. I feel proud about that. I had gotten away from making my food and it’s nice to infuse my food with flavour. Cilantro is my best friend! I also take Sunday’s to prep food with some ladies from my CrossFit. This week’s menu is especially tasty:

  • BBQ Sauce {paleo-ified} to bake ontop of chicken
  • Jicama cooked and then made into a “potato” salad {we are using paleo mayo for this!}
  • Paleo ketchup
  • Apple crisps

We had a lot of fun this past Sunday prepping stuffed pepper, cauli mash, cauli rice and zoodles! It was nice collaborating with these women and we are getting more and more creative as the weeks go on. Plus we are building a companionship. I am so happy to be growing my group of friends. It’s nice 🙂

ex zoodlesNow. Let’s get to the dreams. I was warned dreams about food might happen. There is this long timeline the maps out what will probably happen during the Whole30 and I seem to be a day or two ahead of their timeline. Cause I have had 2 dreams already!! Crazy, crazy food dreams. I thought it was bullshit. People were bring dramatic. NOPE. In one dream I was bathing by a pool with my sister eating chips. I was not upset by this at all, I was like “gimmie chips!”. Then last night I dreamed that I was at a party and they were only serving chocolate and cake. Someone put a cake in front of me and I licked some icing off my finger. Immediately I freaked out, which woke me up!!

Apparently these dreams are your brain trying to drive you back to the food you back to the food are not eating. Well, SUCK IT MIND!!! I was upset over eating the icing! I am so happy with the reaction. It means I am doing what I need to, to change.