Whole30: Day 2-3 Check-In

imageI have had an interesting 2 days. I feel like I am on an emotional roller coaster. Yesterday introduced the afternoon slump where all the energy in my body dropped out of my body. I was yawning all the time and yesterday  found it hard to focus. Today was a bit better, I had an active afternoon so I didn’t have a chance to loose focus. On the flip side, I started to get angry in the afternoon. I was angry at the coworker who ate a cookie in front of me. I was angry at sugar for being so addictive and existing. I was angry at the fact that I wasn’t going to have any for another 27 days.

Both afternoons I was able to get home and nap for thirty minutes before working out. Tuesday I went for a 20 minute run and then I felt good for the rest of the day. Yesterday I had an epic day at my box–we did our one rep max for the power snatch, a complicated barbell movement. I have only done it once, and it was in August with next to no weight. So tonight, we started with 35lbs…then 45 to 65 to 75…then it started to get intense at 85lbs. That one had an ugly ending to it. But I landed it. So what do I do? Yeah, I went for 95lbs…and I had to try twice, but I got it! Barely. But I did it!! My trainer, Kat, was like “I can’t believe you two are so calm about this, you are lifting more than me!” {by two of us, my girl Hayley outlifted me by doing 100lbs!!! WHAT! So awesome} The thing is that Hayley and I haven’t found a lot of our one rep maxes and we also don’t know what is a good or bad weight. So we were happy, oh yeah. But we were reserved in out happiness, were more quiet and kind of shocked.

Tonight I made another stir fry for dinner and it was another awesome tastebud experience! And it’s weird, I am not YET craving for sweets at night. I do expect it to happen, I had expected to be tortured by now. But when the cravings kick in, I already have a plan–go for a walk or clean when it hits. I can watch TV anytime, and it’s usually during my evening TV time when the cravings start. So fuck that shit. I am not crumbling. I am strong!!