Interesting Week

I had another 2-day work week thanks to it being Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving also means that my Box wasn’t having regular hours this week, but I was able to figure it out so that I could workout 4 times. I have to admit that lately I haven’t been getting there 4 times a week, due to life events and illness. This week started off with a fun post on my Facebook wall discussing how CrossFit can give you Rhabdo. It was the “scary” post about Rhabdo being the unofficial mascot of CrossFit, which is complete bullshit. But I understand that the person posting it was doing so because they found the article and took at face value, and was concerned for me. It was her friend that caused the craziness and in case people don’t know, you can get Rhabdo from any sport and it gets the backs up of CrossFitters when what we do becomes demonized in a public way. And the person who was writing the challenging things had obviously never tried CrossFit before and knew nothing about what she was talking about, which was even more frustrating. Thankfully I found this article, written by a doctor who also does CrossFit, which does a nice job of explaining away people’s misconceptions. I encourage anyone who is worried about me getting Rhabdo to read it.

ex WOD8The workout’s this week were really good–they focused on many different body parts–on Monday it was arms and shoulders. I was able to do 6+ rounds of my WOD, meaning I did 60 pull ups and 30 push-ups that were upside down. Painful!! Even though I have to modify and drop down from a box to do these “handstand push-ups”. I am still upside down and having a good chunk of my body weight on my arms and I am lifting them up.

Wednesday was a surprising WOD. I looked at it and thought “I won’t get too sweaty, which will be weird”. I was wrong! Doing 3 hang squat cleans and the last one into a split jerk for every minute on the minute 15 times is tiring! About round 8 that barbell starts getting mighty heavy. And doing the foot work for those movements takes serious concentration. It’s like dancing, but with a barbell. And doing a hang squat clean is a complicated movement and you have to be thinking of many elements as you drive the barbell up, get under it and squat down. I did this at 53 pounds and probably could have done a bit heavier, but it was a good lift to work on and it made me sweaty.

ex hang squat clean

Then I yesterday’s workout. Yesterday was a rough beast after all that turkey on Thursday. So much running. But I will over-share and tell you that it helped with my digestion and got me back on track 😉 What it also did was take my Achilles, which was already a little sore, and inflame it. I didn’t run the last 200m because it hurt that much. And in my infinite wisdom, I decided I was still going to do the sit-ups, regardless, so I did 90 in a row. Not recommended!

I also found out this week that my knee isn’t as bad as I thought it was. My doctor had is x-rayed and it came back normal. So I am now starting to take Osteo Bi-Flex which will help my joints feel better. She also recommended I increase the amount of fish oil I eat, as that will also lubricate the bones in my knee. If I can get my knee to feel normal, then I can do things like legit box jumps and lunges to the ground!!! I know, it will give me more pain in my muscles, but I want to be able to do all the CrossFit movements and this will get me there.

It’s been a busy week! Thanksgiving, lots of good workouts and getting info on my knee! And last night my husband and I went to a wedding, below is one of the pictures we had taken of us, we are kind of cute!

Roberto Allie wedding