CrossFit: What Flavor Kool-Aid Are You?

I think I am orange, what are you??

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Let’s be honest: one of a CrossFitters biggest pet peeves is when someone comes up and says “Oh you drank the Kool-Aid huh?”  First let me start by saying that Kool-Aid is not Paleo so NO I do not drink Kool-Aid.  Secondly why can’t it be something good like wine or tequila??  Anyway, this little saying has gotten me thinking – if I DID drink Kool-Aid, what would my favorite flavor say about me?!  Here it goes:

Tropical Punch:  These are the adventurous people in the box.  They like to be center stage and are usually the most popular of the bunch.  Expect to see a tropical punch Kool-Aid drinker to be doing 10 unbroken muscle-ups and heavy squats and reveling in the applause they receive.

Lemonade:  The lemonade Kool-Aid drinker likes to know the why behind the how.  Expect to see them rationalizing WHY a lift is done…

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