Thanksgiving Prep

© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationAs someone who doesn’t eat what everyone else does, Thanksgiving can be a disaster waiting to happen. All the snacks, the rich food and desserts. I want to be thankful, at the end of this, to have kept to program. With that in mind, I am making certain foods for the dinner that will make being paleo easy.

  1. Turkey itself is paleo, so I don’t have to worry about that, but there is that pesky stuffing. Thankfully I have my wonderful friend and chef, Mary, who will be making me paleo “bread” to use as the base of the stuffing. Then I am going to add the regular seasonings of sage, poultry seasoning, etc. I am also thinking of adding some apples to it. I doubt anyone will be able to tell and we will all be able to eat healthier.
  2. Sides. These vixens can be the death of your dinner. All those butter and carbs. My plan is to have green beans grilled with herbs, cauli-mash for myself and mashed potatoes for the rest of the people. © Copyright 2012 CorbisCorporation
  3. Drinks. Alcohol is usually the drink of choice in my family for these occasions, but since I broke up with it officially during Allison’s visit 2 months ago, I plan on having water. I don’t really need to have a special drink, I genuinely love water. But I will have wine for those that want it and sweet tea for my mother-in-law.
  4. Dessert. This is my weakness. I admit it. I am still wavering between having a piece or not. I am making pumpkin pie. I know that I can give the remainder of the pie to my mother-in-law, as she loves it. So if I have one piece, I won’t have more, but will that ruin my sugar cravings for a week, like it sometimes does? This decision is the worst.

The fun thing about this, is that everyone will be healthy and it will still be delicious. I think this will be the best way to do family holiday’s. I plan on making this a tradition.

If you want to have a bit more variety in your Thanksgiving there are lots of good websites for you to go to:

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Hope everyone has a good time planning their Thanksgiving festivities!