Lesson Learned (The Hard Way)

ex foam roll all thingsI know I have alluded to it over the past few posts, but my body has been sending some pretty strong messages as of late that it’s mad at me for doing all this physical exertion and it not being taken care of. I have a bum knee, which is a result of a car accident in 2001. That’s the norm. But lately other things have been happening. My Achilles started to hurt around the time of my grandmother’s funeral at the beginning of October. Shit, I thought it might have been plantar fasciitis, but it turned out to be an inflamed Achilles, which is better. But then my hip started to get tight. So tight that getting into a car and lifting my leg to go in it caused me pain. That worried me. So I booked an early massage and got my sports masseuse to dig for muscle gold in my legs and hips. Didn’t take too long to get me writhing in pain and crying. Apparently, because I don’t stretch enough, I am getting pain from the connecting tissue in my hip.

Lesson: Foam roll the fuck out of your muscles before and after a workout! NO JOKES!

Thus, this week I turned over a new leaf–I foam roll lightly before my WOD and then roll the shit out of my sore spots afterwards. A common look is me, thighs on the roller, head tipped onto the floor and me crying in pain as I roll. It’s not pretty. But I have to say that for the first time in a while I feel so much better the next morning and not horrifically sore. It’s working. My hip is better. I am healing.

So everyone learn from me! ROLL YOU DAMN MUSCLES! Don’t turn into me, treat your body right.

2 thoughts on “Lesson Learned (The Hard Way)

  1. Let me write that down….Fooooam… roooolllllll… the… fuckkkkkkk… ouuuuuuuuuut oooooof… youuuuurr…. muuuuuuuussssssscles… Good advice 😉

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