Super Aggravated

ex frustratedApparently finding weightlifting shoes is really difficult. I didn’t really think about it because I saw them in Dick’s Sporting in Louisiana ten days ago. So I thought “I can find them at Academy Sports in my area” right? WRONG! Hella wrong!!! Man did I have an experience in torture today. And it started off on the wrong foot when I went to Academy Sports. Now normally their customers service isn’t wonderful, but today took the cake. I go to their shoe section and don’t find an area for weightlifting shoes (not surprising) so I ask a floor associate and he has no idea what a weightlifting shoe is or what a Nano is (I had to spell it for him, literally, because he didn’t know what I was saying). As I go to leave, I stop and ask the manager standing by the door if he knows of a place in the area sells shoes for CrossFit or weightlifting shoes and he thinks for a minutes and says “Um…Payless Shoes?”. And that was when my disappointment in not finding the shoes went straight to shock and awe. I responded with “Do you know what CrossFit is? Why would a discount store carry a weightlifting shoe when a sports store, like yours, not carry it?”, to which he got snippy with me and said “I know what CrossFit is, thankyouverymuch” If he really knew what it is, he would not have told me to go to Payless Shoes. What a joke.

So I went across the street to Sports Authority just to see, at this point my expectation was low. I got a very helpful sales associate who let me know that they did not carry any weightlifting shoe and then helped me google where a place might carry them and I found that Lady Footlocker at a mall close to me carries the Nano.

Unfortunately I didn’t have anymore time to find the shoes, but at least I figured out that finding weightlifting shoes is ridiculously difficult. With CrossFit being a huge growing sport, I find it shocking that one of the basics that are needed for a good working out, shoes, are not readily available in stores. And yes I am aggravated and mildly whiny. It might be because I spent a lot of time and effort looking for these shoes and I have nothing to show for it. And that, my gentle readers, is frustrating.

3 thoughts on “Super Aggravated

  1. i have yet to find any place near me carrying any sort of weightlifting or Crossfit type shoe (nanos or inov-8s). I waited until Theclymb had Inov-8s on sale until I finally bought some..muahaha. For christmas i’m going to ask for some Nanos and Lifters for Oly but until then…

    • Living in Houston, everywhere is a bit of a drive, so I am going to wait until the weekend and then go on the hunt. Apparently there is a place called Luke’s Locker that sells them. I bet they are 30 minutes from me…Good luck getting shoes near you!

  2. We have absolutely NO stores that sell Nanos in my area, never mind lifting shoes. I guess I’ll have to order online and hope and pray they fit properly! I feel your pain 😦

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