Donut Experimentation

My friend Hayley came over on Sunday and we tried 2 paleo donut recipes–pumpkin cream donut sandwiches & carrot cake. Thank you PaleOMG for the recipes!

Hayley and I found the first recipe to be complicated and we didn’t put the coconut milk in the fridge overnight, so I had to whip it with my mixmaster. I wasn’t so sure about the taste of the coconut cream, but then when we put all the elements together, it tasted really good! Unfortunately the cream of the donuts kept getting soft, so they had to be kept in the fridge all week. But they turned out to be the best part of breakfast this week.

The carrot cake ones were a bit of a disappointment. The “icing” didn’t turn out, it was never smooth and it didn’t compliment the donut. Without the “icing” the donut is too dry, but still good. I am thinking of adapting this recipe into a bread, adding more nuts and spices. I am not sure what else I can add to make it a bit more moist, maybe unsweetened apple sauce? I don’t know yet.

But overall, it was a success! I really liked making donuts and having one recipe ROCK OUT, was fantastic.


2 thoughts on “Donut Experimentation

    • Thanks! They really are! I even made a new batch for my road trip tomorrow. I just need to figure out a way to make the carrot ones taste more moist.

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