Strength is Back!

ex keep calm n liftThis means new PR’s! PR’s are so gratifying. Seriously. I could drink them up every. single. day.

This week was the week where my thighs were under assault. Every workout worked them, and worked them hard. I was so sore I brought my foam roller to work to help work the kinks in my thighs. Why? Well let’s discuss:


1 rep max for back squat was our strength portion of the workout. I hadn’t done it since my first week of doing real crossfit workouts. I didn’t know what to expect. My last max weight was 95 pounds. This time I got 113 pounds before we ran out of time, and I know I could have about ten or fifteen pounds more. So new max lift!!

Then, in the main workout, had us doing 15 wall balls every minute and filling the remainder with burpees. Ha ha! So Karen with burpees? Oh ok. Since doing Karen originally wasn’t traumatizing enough. I was not about to do all 15 every minute. Just didn’t happen. I was able to do a grand total of 7 burpees in the entire workout.

But that was a lot for my thighs and the next morning I was sore as hell.


1 rep max for shoulder press was our strength portion of the workout. I have never found my one rep max for this, but was able to get up to 93 pounds before not being able to get any further. I have no idea what is a good weight for a shoulder press, but I put what I did on Facebook and apparently is very good. Another PR! It feels glorious!

Then, in the main workout, we did more squats–but air squats. Still, it was enough to continue to make my thighs very, very angry. Every time I went down, my thighs protested.


Our strength portion was toes-to-bar and since I can  barely get my knees to my chest, I was doing v-ups on the ground to work on my core.

The main workout though was a bit of a hellish beast. It was the following:

21 squat cleans

21 ring dips

{rest 2 minutes}

15 squat cleans

15 ring dips {rest 1 minute}

9 squat cleans

9 ring dips

RX was 95 pounds but considering how angry my thighs were, I opted for 33 pounds. And let me tell you that by the third rep on the first round my thighs were complaining. I don’t think I have grunted this much in a while at my box. I got through it in good time, and on a normal day I definitely could have done a heavier weight, but that night, that was what I could do and it did its job.

So tonight I rest. My thighs are a lot better after rolling them out last night. And I know I will workout this weekend and make a paleo donut recipe with my friend Hayley!

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