Gritty Goddess

20130928_142253Yesterday I did my first 5k with obstacles, it was called the Gritty Goddess. This was the perfect one to do to break me in. There was no expectation for the participants to run the entire time, in fact there was a wait at some of the obstacles. It wasn’t timed. The obstacles included water (which was great because we were hot!), climbing things (got through a fear of climbing up super high things and figuring out how to get down the other side), going through many trenches of mud and hopping over fire (burpee hop!). To say I was covered in mud is a major understatement, I washed mud out of places that I didn’t know mud could go! That shower, once I got home, was glorious.

20130928_112548I did it with some really great ladies from Pearland CrossFit–Haley, Cindy and Hayley. We had a small snafu with our tutu’s, but we rallied and had fun outfits! We wore pink and purple tutu’s, purple shirts, glitter headbands, neon 80’s gloves. We completely blended in with everyone doing it too! Many people wore tutu’s and had a theme for their group. We saw Texan Girls who wore red tutu’s and Texan shirts and 50 Shades of Mud, who wore white collared shirts and ties. It was a riot!

I came away with a nice sunburn on my face and arms, a swag bag from the event, a doggy tag that I will hang in my office with pride and a sense of accomplishment! I know that I can do these events in the future and I plan to even run in some of them!! I am glad Haley organized this and invited me to participate. It was sincerely the perfect first 5k for me to do. Looking forward to doing it again in May!