Hangover Blues

ex powOh gentle readers I did something I regret–I drank like a sailor on Saturday night. I also am a light-weight, so the amount that I drank hit me harder than I have been hit in recent history. I didn’t get sick that night, but I sure did say some funny things that my husband made fun of me about the next morning. Like that I wanted to stop as we went home to help the person stranded at the side of the road because “We are good people”. I also might have yelled at the slow drivers and called them idiots. And I found police lights to be “too bright” but “pretty”. My husband might still be bringing this up whenever he can. He is now looking for other ways we are “good people”. *sigh* *hangs head*

When Sunday came and went and I only had a small headache, I thought I had somehow managed to avoid being hungover. Sadly the hangover decided to attack Monday instead. It was like being caught in a comic book story where Batman accidentally hits me and POW! I am knocked off my feet! It wasn’t just a headache, it was nausea and not being hungry. ex WOD7Weakness. At about noon I started to perk up and I felt hungry, so yay! That was, unfortunately, short-lived. In the afternoon my energy crashed through the floor and I came home after work and simply passed out. Didn’t go to CrossFit. I felt like I got smeared on the side of the road.

Today I vowed today I would make-up my missed workout. I still felt out of it! But I still went, screw this, right? Well my body had other fun plans like yawning during the warm up and strength exercises. Then, during my actual WOD I felt weak and barely got to where I wanted. I am and was frustrated. But at least I did it. Tonight, I sleep 8 hours. I also took a multivitamin and I had a banana. I am trying to ask for forgiveness from my body. I hope tomorrow’s workout goes better!