Personal Record Found

ex pr2I might have glossed over it in my last post, but this week I found out my PR for my deadlift. Hayley and I decided to come to open gym on Tuesday night and we ambitiously wanted to see if we could find 3 PR’s (ha ha ha) but instead only found one. The reason why it took so long? I didn’t think I could lift past 180 pounds, so I went up very slowly. Little did I know that I would get to 203 pounds. It took about thirty minutes to get there and a wonderful cheerleader in Andrea, but I did it! I was amazed with how high the weight got, but part of me also knew I could do more. This will be the most impressive of my one-rep maxes, but I am not going to limit myself in my mind. I am strong and can lift and I am grateful I have fallen into something that allows me to grow in this area. Of course, those around me wish I would high-five a slight bit less intensely, but I am afraid that just isn’t possible!!

On a different note, I just downloaded the Nom Nom Paleo app on my iPad, and I have found about 5 recipes I want to try right now!!!! I am thinking the shrimp stuffed mushrooms or in order and maybe the slow cooker beef & tomato stew. So many choices!! Robert and I have been feeling kind of bored with our food lately, so I am going to be making some new stuff and see if anything sticks. And maybe I will blog about it!! Who knows!