Love my CF Family

ex cf familyWhen I joined Pearland Crossfit, the furthest thing from my mind was whether or not the people I would meet there would become an integral part of my life. I wanted to be friends with them, for sure. I wanted to look forward to workout out with the same people and had a small group that I liked, but since it is so hard to make friends when you are not in school anymore, I wasn’t expecting too much emotional attachment.

I was wrong. I am so glad I was wrong!! There is something about going through a tough workout with someone(s) that establishes a closeness faster than normal circumstances. It’s like we are brothers-in-arms. We suffer together, we cheer each other on and we care for each others development. After a grueling workout, we can be seen talking around one of the many fans at the box, chatting. It started slowly, but one of the strongest reasons why I workout on such a frequent basis is because these are my people. I love seeing my old Body Shop group and talking with them. The transformation of Skip, his son, his friend Garrett are so impressive!! Jerry, Kay, Debbie and Adrienne are a source of inspiration, always doing their best and are no spring chickens! Their resolve spurs me on to workout.To my surprise, I have made a good friend in Hayley. She is the main reason why I graduated to “real” crossfit classes and is now one of my favourite people here in Houston.

Our friendships are going beyond the box now, as we comment and compliment each other on Facebook. Getting posts on my wall, telling me I am strong and beautiful, illustrates  what happens at the gym. The struggles and encouragement bleed over. My lifting 203 pounds as a Personal Record for a deadlift inspired Andrea (who is simply awesome) to write that to me. I was doubting myself, but she saw more. There are also the posts about how hard the workout for the day is, which creates 37 comments on any random day.

Tonight is another example of how great this family is. A group of us took Jerry out for his birthday, but not before doing a special workout in his honor. We sat around, with our significant others (Robert came out too!) and talked about nothing, everything. We ate lots of food, drank and it was wonderful. This weekend I have been invited to a birthday party that is Pinterest-themed–the first party I have been invited to since I moved to Houston.

There is something special about my crossfit family and I am grateful that they have allowed me into their lives. For a transplanted Canadian, who was having trouble making any friends, this truly has been a surprise and a joy. Pearland Crossfit, thank you for being the best surprise of my year.