What a Moment

ex complimentToday there was a moment. I have no way of expressing in words what it meant to me, as I have always been the fat girl, and in-turn the ugly one. This would be the perfect time to get into a diatribe about society’s harsh expectations about beauty’s correlation to weight, but instead I want to focus on this rare, beautiful moment. I was told by someone today that they wished they had my body. MINE. She said she had been going through my Facebook page and had looked at the pictures from when I first started and how I has thinning out and getting this great hour glass figure. I thanked her heartily and told her no one had ever said that to me in my life. That comment got me through a very difficult workout, added fuel to my fire.

So let’s transition to this workout from today. I did one of my first female WOD’s: NANCY. She is apparently a “benchmark” WOD. Well I consider her a bitch. Why? Because she has a lot of running and my nemesis–the overhead squat. I never thought too hard about the overhead squat before I did it. Well it’s the nastiest of the squats, in my opinion. You have a weighted barbell and it’s locked out over your head, so as you go down and then back up, if you don’t engage your core, you might topple forward. It works everything. It’s painful and challenging.


5 Rounds For Time:

400 meter run

15 overhead squats

I did it in 26 minutes 22 seconds. I was the second last one in my group to finish. I had people running with me at the end to help me through. Hah! I found the squats to be hands down the easiest part of the WOD. I probably could have done it at a higher weight, but I was scared from my last experience at the crossfit in Canada. It was also over 100 degrees for this workout so I am going back and forth on whether I walked too much, but in the end, I think I did the right thing as I felt light headed after the workout and currently have a mild headache. So yeah, I walked a lot, but next time my time will be better and I will feel more comfortable lifting more weight.

Enjoy the picture of my after the workout, that’s my special red “glow”!!

ex me after nancy