Warrior Dash

PrintMy friend Hollie impressed me by doing the Warrior Dash just over a week ago. Her pictures made it look challenging yet fun. Add onto that I have wanted to do an even like this for a year. So on Sunday I went to their website and found out that the next run in Houston area is in March. Inspired, I wrote to my friend Hayley and said “We need to do this”. Then someone from from my crossfit chimed in and said they want to do it with us, and now we have a gaggle of people doing it!! I am really excited especially considering theex warrior dash fire fact that I had to cancel my plans to do Tough Mudder this year due to me not being in Houston when it’s happening.

This dash has obstacles, like running through mud, running over fire, climbing over walls, going through trenches, etc. They have many different waves you can start at, and we are tossing around the idea of going at 10am.

I am really excited!! It’s a 5k event and I want to see how much of it I can run. By going with my crossfit friends, I am hoping it will keep me motivated during the hard times of the race. It also gives me something to work towards during my WOD’s–running non-stop, no matter the pace. It’s on Warrior Dash!!!

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