Mental Fortitude

ex bear complexThis week was a doozy for workouts–they were heavy lifting centered, as opposed to having a good mix of weights and cardo. I felt myself struggling each day with the workout. Monday we did thrusters–50 of them–as part A of the WOD. Thrusters are painful movements that challenge me every time I do them. In fact, shoving a heavy weight over my head tires me out and makes the workout mental so fast, your head could spin…you know, if there wasn’t a heavy barbell above it!!! Wednesday though, is when shit got real. Again, the workout involved throwing a heavy barbell above my head. It took me just over 11 minutes to do those 30 clean and jerks–which I found out today is a great time. Anything under 15 minutes is good. I found though, at the 7 minute mark, that my mind started to get shaky. I started to get angry at the workout and I just wanted it to be over. This isn’t normally like me, so I tried to shake it off, but it came back on Friday’s workout too. Now granted, Friday’s workout was nothing to sneeze at. For the third time this week I was thrusting heavy weights over my head a multitude of times. It sucked. I hated it. There was no cardio in either of the last two workouts and lemme tell you, I miss it!! I have yet to research the methodology behind doing a workout that only focuses on lifting heavy weights, but I can tell you this: I wanted to leave both workouts early. Just go. I was so pissed off. And sore. And I felt myself mentally waiver. But because I am not a quitter, I stayed and I fought and I screamed in pain but I got the shit done.

Has anyone else gone through this before? Where they were fine mentally to one day suddenly have a white flag go off in their head? Is it just because this week’s workouts were particularly rough or am I going through something? I can say that when I was at today’s workout I didn’t feel like giving up and I got it done in good time, although it did have more cardio and a good mix of exercises, in general, in it.

I will say this: I hope to not see the Bear Complex for at least three months. The back of my neck is still sore…and shoulders…and hamstrings…