Today’s workout was crazy–at first it seemed “ok”, you know mentally challenging but nothing to the point that it got to. It was one thing: 30 clean and jerks. Oh at 85 pounds…you know ten pounds under my one rep max!

So I recognize that what I have just written might be greek. A clean and jerk has a person taking the barbel from the ground, hip thrusting the weight up, squatting to get under it, so that the barbel is now against your chest. From there you half squat and hop the barbel over your head. The hop helps give the barbel momentum so you aren’t hurting yourself with the weight. To see it in action, here is a picture that breaks it down:

ex clean and jerk

So a one rep max is the highest weight you can do the movement at. And you struggle a lot of the time to nail it. So to do a workout ten pounds under that is curse words hard. Just annihilation hard. It took me eleven minutes and thirty seconds to complete and by the third one I was thinking “What the heck did I just start??” and then “I am not sure I can do this, this is only the third one and I am sweating and panting!!”. But I did it. And then for the cool down I pushed a weighted metal sled twice. I am going to be feeling this tomorrow.

I also am baex tassimock on the no sugar challenge and the little voice in my head has come back. She likes to try and negotiate. If I do this (like a workout), then I can have this (Starbucks). But I have been saying NO. Girl’s gotta learn. And on a side note, my Starbucks intake has dropped way down because my sister and Gord bought a Tassimo while they were here visiting and the coffee this thing brews is so so so good. I am tempted to buy one and have it in my office!!! Yes. THAT GOOD. Plus I can buy Tim Horton’s coffee from them?? Yeah, it’s on! And I can sweeten it with Splenda, thus cutting down my sugar intake more! A new thing to make me happy 🙂