Cheating…It Happens

I made a plan for the weekend and it included cheating…on my no sugar challenge (my mom already lost, in the first week no less!). I wanted to introduce my family to Nothing Bundt Cakes and to go to The Cheesecake Factory. We were also going to see some movies this weekend (The Conjuring and RED 2), so I planned on having popcorn.ex CF1

Yes, I ate sugar this weekend. Yes, I ate white bread. And popcorn! But let me also share these little nuggets with you (my gentle readers!):

  • I felt like total crap when I went to bed last night and I struggled in falling asleep because of how bunged up I felt.
  • I haven’t had the best poops. You read that right. My regular diet has me pooping like clockwork. I hate this feeling!
  • I only went kind of crazy–I had a bundt cake, but I shared it with Robert; I had a drink last night, but didn’t finish it; I had movie popcorn, but didn’t finish it; still had food from the Skinnylicious menu and although I did have the best dessert ever, that is basically the only thing I have had for the rest of the day because I am so so so so so full. I can’t even look at food.

Verdict from all this: moderation is the spice of life! You heard it here first folks! (I know, I know, I am lying) But in all seriousness, I feel so crappy that I just want to go back to my massive amounts of green veggies, home cooked chicken and eggs. I am worried tomorrow’s workout will suck because I feel like I ate bricks instead of food.

Below are fun pictures from the Cheesecake Factory, the food was really tasty even if it feels like bricks afterwards.

ex CF3Gord got the Dulce De Leche cheesecake. I was told it was ah-mazing.

ex CF2Blake was pretty excited…

ex CF4…as was Jared!