New Job, New Challenges

ex keep calmAlmost through with my first week at my new office job. I have to say I have been loving it. It’s nice to be able to set my pace, to know a good chunk of the job already, to have two monitors that are lateral, an IT department!! In the building! I don’t have to call India for help!!! I also walk a lot less. Thanks to Fitbit, I know I am walking about 4,000 steps less a day, meaning I am lucky if I get to 5,000 steps a day when I don’t workout. There are also food challenges. Like today, there was left over cake from a baby shower in the break room (in the shape of an egg and sperm, which was awesome). And I had a bit. *sigh* Oh sugar challenge, how I failed you for a moment. And it’s sad. But the sperm cake was delicious!

At least my workouts this week have been challenging. One night the “cool down” was a mile run. Let’s just clarify–I am good at strength and lifting, I am getting better at cardio. So mile run is not a cool down. It’s part of the workout!! Here is a definition of cool down:

cool·down [kool-doun]


a period of low-impact or slower exercise following a more intense workout to allow the body to gradually return to its normal physiological level.
A mile run does not all my body to return to its normal physiological state. It wipes it out!! But I did it. In 14 minutes. But I got it done. I hope I can make the next one a better run.
Goal for next week: walk more at work!!