Nephew FUN!

My sister, husband and two kids are visiting for two weeks, and what does that mean?? Nephews working out with their aunt!! Jared and Blake had been to soccer camp last week and I wanted them to try this out and see if they liked it. Jared is 13, Blake is 8. For their first class Sarah modified their workout, which was great and it still challenged them. Possibly a lot??

Jared got sweaty but had fun. Blake was adorable and did his best, which is all you can ask for. Their first workout they did the following four times:

  • ran 200 meters
  • did 30 lunges
  • did 20 push ups

By the end, they were both sweaty but accomplished! For Blake’s last round, myself and another bootcamper Jason ran with him to keep him company.

Quote of the night: “I can’t believe I am so tired doing slow-motion things!” ~Blake

The following night (yesterday) Jared came back and he is loving it!! We plan on going all three times next week, if we can, together. I knew he would like it, even though he was nervous about it initially. I don’t know, I think I see a future crossfitter in the making!!

ex Jared1Jared after finishing the workout. SO accomplished!

ex Blake1Blake struggling at the end, doing push-ups in front of the fan! SO cute.












Their reactions to the workout afterwards. They look tired but happy(ish)!!