Incredible Shrinking Woman!

ex rewardThis whole no sugar thing has been pretty great. But shhhhh, you didn’t hear me say that. I made these coconut “dream cups”, which is coconut butter as a base and dark chocolate (100%) mixed with honey and cocoa in the middle and coconut butter on top. It’s like a peanut butter cup but in looks but very different. The recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of the butter for the top and bottom, I found that to be too much and for the next round, will only be using 1 tablespoon. I hope the taste will be less over powering. That aside, it’s been the only sweet thing I have consumed in the past 2 weeks. Besides Starbucks. And I am doing the sugar-free route with them and I am NOT giving it up. Can’t make me!!!

Anyhoo, my work pants have gotten rather huge on me!! It’s only been two weeks! It’s mainly my stomach and arms that are shrinking. My legs have consistently been getting smaller, but now the middle area is getting smaller. Which leaves my pants to pool around my feet and I look sloppy. But I am not complaining. I am excited! I am going pant shopping this week, and there is chance I might officially down to a size 16, which would rock!!!!

On a workout note–I took the weekend off. I was so tired and sore from last week, I needed a few days off. Tonight I went back and I didn’t load up on enough weights and I got through the workout too soon. Not Wednesday!!! I have never felt like this, I usually feel beat into the ground. And that isn’t to say that I wasn’t challenged enough, but I could have done more. Plus it made me feel bad to see others struggle around me. Am I being too hard on myself? Probably. But live and learn. And go heavier next time.

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