Sugar Challenge Check-In

ex heroin sugarThings have been interesting, that’s for sure!! Here is how things went since I started:

  • Monday to Wednesday last week I had a mild headache but no real cravings for sugar
  • Thursday to Sunday I was good, I wasn’t craving sugar, yes there were moments when I was eating out that I saw a dessert and would have loved to have had it, but I didn’t (vanilla bean creme brulee anyone??)!
  • In fact, on Sunday, when my friend Katie and husband Robert ate dessert in front of me at the Cheesecake Factory I wasn’t compelled to join them. Although I did feel slightly violent when Robert kissed me with chocolate breath. NOT COOL!
  • Monday I started to get headaches again. And my cravings for sweets started to intensify.
  • This continued onto Tuesday. My front temple started to throb.

I haven’t given in. I have realized I need to have some variety in my snacks, and have found some good recipes to do this with. Thank you “Just Eat Real Food” on Facebook for existing. Your recipes have been beyond helpful and I am going to try a pumpkin recipe today!!

Also, my work pants are already looser, which is fantastic! And my mother is failing on her challenge, she has already had a glass of wine. One more slip and she pays for our trip to NYC!