Sugar Challenge

ex big girl pantiesWhile visiting my family in Canada last week I was talking to my mother about my struggles with sugar. It’s my crack and I know it. And honestly, I like it. I get that I could be smaller, weigh less if I didn’t eat ice cream as much as I do. She has seen me go through this all my life and we admitted that baking every weekend wasn’t necessarily the best idea growing up. After our conversations she threw down a gauntlet: give up sugar for 6 weeks. Meaning no ice cream, chocolate, no Starbucks treats. The carrot at the end of the 6 weeks: if I can do this successfully my mother will treat me to a ladies-only weekend to New York City. That’s a pretty impressive carrot my friends.

So I am on day one. And thankfully it hasn’t been too bad. In the afternoon I get snacky. I want ex sugar cubechocolate. Today I was prepared, I made a protein pancake and munched on that while  I sat on the conference call at work. It got me through easy peasy. My other trouble time? After dinner. I am so used to eating dessert every night that not having it makes me mentally crazy. Tonight was difficult. Robert wasn’t home, still at work, so I didn’t have a policeman watching me. Thankfully there is no temptation in the house since we have just gotten back from Canada. I do have a bit of a headache but I am unsure if it is from working out in 93 degree heat or if it is from the lack of sugar. I am sitting here eating pistachios and kind of wishing they were anything sweet.

This is going to be a good challenge. It takes 28 days to build a habit. I am pretty sure 6 weeks will do that just fine. I should take a picture of myself and weigh myself. Yeah…I can do the picture thing. The scale and I are still ENEMIES.

Wish me luck????

ALSO, this is a picture of me working out tonight, third in from the right. Hot, right??

ex PCF June 24 2013 WOD