Humbling Experience

ex oh squatI have been feeling pretty good about myself. I feel like I am doing some good weight for just starting crossfit and I feel like I am doing well with form. Well, I went to a Canadian CrossFit place this week called CrossFit Altitude and their strength portion of the workout was overhead squats. I thought I would be fine with this as my front squat max is 95 pounds. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Overhead is a totally different animal!! Form not only needs to be great going down, but as you go down, your core is fully engaged as you try and balance the weight as you go from the bottom back up. It kind of sucked! I learned that I don’t have a great core and that I need to strengthen it. I plan to practice everyday. Seriously!! I was able to do 23 pounds. I felt embarrassed. It also didn’t help that I was doing this for the first time at a new crossfit, where the instructor wasn’t enthralled that I was there and made that plain.

So overall, my experience was humbling. It made me feel like I still have a long way to go. But by no means did it discourage me! It just made me feel like I have something to strive towards. It’s just unfortunate that the crossfit I went to basically only caters to the super fit and makes those who are newer feel bad about themselves.

(And as you look at the picture, that was the face I made, but with so much less weight!)