Pull Ups

ex pull upThis past Thursday marked another milestone for me! I was able to do a pull up (with a band) for the first time!! All this time, these past six months, I have been jumping from a box and pulling myself up. The last time we did pulls ups I felt I might be able to do the real deal. So on Thursday, the trainer told me to get a band. And I was scared. I hadn’t don’t this before and I was worried I would look ridiculous and wouldn’t be able to do it. But I tried…and was successful!! My trainer helped me with the kipping motion, which is all new to me, although I have watched Sarah demonstrate it a lot (she is amazing at it). I practiced the first time and the second time I got more into it and I think I am getting it. I am hopeful the next time I do pull ups I won’t need help from other people and that I will get further with kipping!

This week I am back in my home town and will be trying out Burlington’s Crossfit: Crossfit Altitude. I am going with my friend Allison, who has been doing crossfit for much longer than me. I am excited and nervous! It will be nice to do a workout in NON 90 degree weather! Today’s workout involves kettlebell swings, sprinting and box jumps. Should be a good time!

So wish me luck! I hope I can get it done in their time cap of ten minutes :S