First Class = New Things!

ex want itHayley, Debbie and I did it! We joined CrossFit and not only survived, but thrived! I would like to express how much the warm up sucked. Running in 95 degree heat is not fun. I did it, I didn’t die, but I struggled. Thus my first observation: warm ups are harder in crossfit.

So here is what we did:

Warm Up:

400 meter run

10 wall balls (three times)

10 push ups (three times)

10 lunges (three times)

600 meter run

As I said, this warm up sucked. Running a mile before even getting to the workout?? Ha ha ha ha ha! Non-runner Christine was unimpressed! I was the last one to finish. I was late to the stretching. Not humiliating at all. Thankfully I was able to redeem myself in the strength portion:


One-rep max front squat

This part will be a work-in-progress for the three of us, as none of us know what our max weights are. We started off exceptionally light and slowly worked our way up to 95 pounds. We worked on form and getting below parallel when squatting. Having our elbows up. I apparently made lifting weight “look easy”. It was a struggle! But since I started working out with weights I have made it a priority to have excellent form, always. I knew that since I wasn’t used to lifting weights, I could get injured easily. I am also freakishly strong, so this worked in my favour.


3 handstand push ups

4 pistols

done Every Minute on the Minute for 15 minutes

Being that I can’t do a handstand (remember my post about trying it? Yeah, falling on my neck has stayed with me), what I got to do was perch on a box and drop my hands to the ground and do a push up almost upside down. It started to hurt on round three. We won’t discuss what round ten sounded like, but you know it involved curse words and grunting! Pistols, if you don’t know, are a one legged squat. You stick one leg out and balance yourself down on the other leg. Kudos to anyone who can do this!! That is hard!! I did a modification as well–I put a foot on the box and lowered down on the other leg. It’s hard to describe. But it involved pain, so I know it was working!!

Overall, it wasn’t anything we couldn’t handle. It was nice learning new exercises. It was nice testing my body out in new ways. It was neat! It gives me something to strive for. And in the end, I was a sweaty puddle. I looked like I had showered. Yes, I realize exactly how disgusting that is. But you workout in 95 degree heat, in no air conditioning! You know, a year ago I couldn’t have imagined me doing this. It’s fucking awesome.