Goal Achieved!

ex batman crossfitIt is with a nervous, yet excited, tug on my heart that I announce that yesterday was my last Body Shop class and that as of Monday I will be attending “real” CrossFit classes with my workout buddy Hayley. We tried out a class last week, and although my arms might have complained a little (ha ha, if you can’t undress yourself, it’s not working, right???), I survived and felt very accomplished. We both did!!

This isn’t to say that I am bored with my current workout or that it isn’t challenging–I always feel like I am working myself out hard in this class. I can’t put my finger on it, but it feels right to join now. I have gotten used to the movements, the weights and now it’s time to see if my body can do something a big more challenging.

When I joined Pearland CrossFit it was my goal to join this class–and now I can say I am doing it!! For a year of not meeting any weight goals in 2012 (we are not going there)(lifting weights = not losing as much weight but transforming your body), it feels pretty freaking fantastic to be setting a goal and reaching it! It took six months and I pleased. I don’t even know what my next goal should be. Maybe doing CrossFit workouts at the regular weight class? Maybe! Something to ponder…

So for the future, please be prepared for more whiny posts, I am betting my husband is going to be my personal clothing remover, if last week was any indication!

5 thoughts on “Goal Achieved!

  1. Hey, thats motivational. Ive been doing boot camp classes for about 4 months now and also feel like I should be doing more. I’ll pop by to see how the crossfit goes 🙂

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