Going Back

ex growthToday I had the day off (yay Memorial Day!) and my gym was closed, so I decided to go back to TransforME to see my old gang and see how I would do for an hour workout, since I am now doing much shorter (nay more intense) workouts. It was wonderful to see the ladies I worked out with for over a year.

I was glad to go back. It was nice to do that workout with them. I noticed that I had to pace myself more because I was doing a movement (like a push up) a lot longer, so my muscles started to get all angry. I also forgot how much certain movements really hurt me knee. So I was still challenged in the workout, which was great! And I got sweaty–when we ran outside with 5lb weights in our hands, up and down elevated planks. That was pretty fun!

I do like the structured workouts of CrossFit better. I like looking at my workout on the board. I like the different exercises we do there–box jumps, wall balls, ball slams, kettlebell snatches and the like. I feel like my muscles are being challenged in a different way, if that makes sense. And although I struggled with changing to CrossFit, I am now in love with it and am now talking seriously with Hayley (my cohort in crime at Body Shop) about us joining the real classes for good. Eeeekk!!