10 on Tuesday

toptentuesdaypicTop ten favourite exercises I do on a weekly basis.

  1. Squats–I have always liked these. I have strong leg muscles and I love how these shape the lower part of my body.
  2. Push Ups–I used to hate these! But something clicked a little bit ago and now I am getting so much better!! Bring it push ups!
  3. Ground to Overhead Plates–this combines squats with back/arms. This can get me winded pretty quick, but I love em!
  4. Kettlebell Snatch–I love these. I can do them at a high weight and I continue to improve! I only dislike how I get bruised on my arm.
  5. ex ballSit Ups–I am really great at these, which I wasn’t before. I like how much I have improved. Sure I am sore after about thirty of these, but I still love em.
  6. Kettlebell Swings–I have gone up in weight, so currently we are enemies, but once I master this weight I will go back to loving them.
  7. Wall balls–this combines squats with weights in a really challenging way. I get winded fast with these and my thigh muscles start to burn. But I enjoy the challenge! And the soreness the next day…
  8. Rowing–this exercise is like a sleeping giant. It starts off easy and by the end, it’s kicking your ass! I am building my endurance and this exercise illustrates how far I have come.
  9. Box Jumps–I love these because they illustrate how I have concurred my fears. I dislike that I am now stepping up because my knee hurts during the exercise. *sigh*
  10. Ball Slams–I need to increase my weight on these. It gets my heart rate going and frankly, I love em! Aggression comes OUT during these!