Major Effort

ex WOD5Today’s workout was intense!! Partly because it was 8 rounds of 5 exercises, it was painful and turned mental fast. Then another reason–it was 85 degrees and my skin started to feel like it was on fire halfway through the workout. Double mental!!! Now we need to also acknowledge that I have incredibly thick blood, since I am Canadian, so I can survive without a jacket in some pretty cold conditions. This is great in Ontario, this is much less great in Houston! Today wasn’t even “summer hot”, it was more seasonally warm. And I was dying. Skin on fire, panting, face Über red, dying. I consider this to be my official welcome to the south. This summer I am going to acclimate to the heat, either gently (ha ha!) or less than (read: throwing up from being too hot). I also have been known to get heat stroke. Have I mentioned my gym is not air conditioned?? I think what I need are some tips/techniques from people on how to weather (pun intended!) the heat during a workout.

I am happy with today’s workout though! Yes, I stopped during it, yes my skin was on fire, yes I struggled. But I kept going. I fought and fought and fought. I also had the second fastest time and was almost two rounds ahead of others and yes I am competitive and it was nice!!! I want to thank my trainer Sarah for cheering me on at the end, during the ball slams. She drove me to be faster and kick my ass just a little bit more 🙂 You rock Sarah!!

On other news, now that I over inventory and the structural changes in my store, I am going to focus heavily on my diet. Gentle readers, I have gone sugar crazy!!! I need to break up with Starbucks. Just for a little bit so I can stop craving it. I need to make my brown rice again. And I need to be still at the end of the day and tell myself I am worth it and that I am wonderful at any size. It’s time to be fully on track. So be prepared for whining 😉