Missing: Fitbit

I regret to inform people that my fitbit fell out if its casing and is now missing. I am sad. Thankfully I have a supportive husband who has helped me feel better about the situation. I will be getting a new one, and I might need to tape it to its holder cause this thing is not cheap and I don’t plan on losing another one. The first one was named Buffy, so I am thinking the next one will be Faith. Cause you know, when one slayer dies, another is called (and yes I know it should probably be named Kendra, to keep it in order of the show, but since I like Faith a lot more than Kendra, I am making personal allowances). Update!! I just went to the fitbit website and you can report it being lost, so maybe I will be able to replace it for free? I am hopeful! I don’t want to spend the money again on it. I would be so sad!!

Tonight at body shop, I had a great workout!! My running was good, my squats were much deeper and although I struggled with lunges and box jumps because of my knee, I am pretty happy with how I did tonight. I pushed it hard and I didn’t stop. I am getting so much better and stronger. I don’t know what clicked with the squats, but I am happy!!

Now to go use the new foam roller and roll my sore muscles out. I hope my husband knows there might be cries of pain!!

ex gaiam roller