Went Anways

I did not want to work out tonight–I was feeling tired, I am stressed about work and frankly all I wanted to do was go home and curl up on the couch. I almost talked myself out of working out all the way there. But I went and I am so thankful I did!! Even if I was made to do 50 burpees (ugh).

I have read from my trainers on facebook that working out when you don’t want to is the best idea, and I agree today. I even had a best run! I feel rejuvenated and that the stress from work is dissipating.

I also feel like I am finally making friends at crossfit. I know this sounds odd, but the place is pretty tight-knit and it’s hard to find people to talk to. I really like two girls–Hayley and Kristen. Kristen runs her own styling company for photo shoots and weddings. I love that she is so creative and fun! I also really like my trainer Sarah, she is smart, funny and impressively great at all things crossfit. She lets me talk her ear off. LOL She’s incredibly patient 🙂

So what is my point? Workout when you don’t feel like it! And keep slowly working on this around you when you are the new person. You will eventually get them to warm up to you. And that is my fractured post for the day! ex regret