ex CFI noticed this on Monday and I thought it might have been an anomaly, but nope–I am getting stronger and can lift more weight. I found during the workout Monday I wasn’t as tired as I normally am at the end of my workouts and I could have done more. Granted on Monday the workout was a TABATA or pull ups, push ups, sit ups and air squats, so all body weight. Today though was a workout with weights and I found doing kettlebell swings at 18 pounds too easy. Alrighty then! And then the 25 pound plate I used for Ground to OverHead movements wasn’t exhausting. I guess this means for the future I need to up my weights. Oh man, I know what this means. I am going to be more sore but I will probably get smaller in the process.

I mean it’s great that I am getting stronger! Especially considering how little I have been working out lately.


I suppose I should inform my trainer Sarah at some point…