Good Week

I have had a strong two weeks for working out = woo hoo! I only missed Monday and that was because I have gotten a second cold. Second in three weeks! Stupid body! I am not even living in Canada, so I find it frustrating that I am getting sick so often. Although this time it might have been my fault (only a little!) because I wasn’t as careful as I should have been with my sick husband (hey naughty readers, nothing kinky! Mind out of the gutter!).

Yesterday was the most interesting of the workouts–no one from my boot camp came out so I did the regular crossfit workout. Since I am getting over this irritating cold, the warm up run was interesting with the running. You know, dry mouth and runny nose. After warm-up we worked on our strength, which this day was the push press. I learned the technique–I needed to be fast in my mini squat so that I had the momentum to push the weight up and over my head. It was neat and I got better the more I did it, and oddly with more weight. I did three reps each, increasing in weight as I went–started off at 33lbs, then 53 pounds and lastly 58 pounds. The last one was hard and I wobbled the first rep, but I stuck it in the end.

As for the workout, I had to modify, but it still totally kicked my butt. The WOD was 10 lateral over the box jumps and 20 kettle bell snatches for 10 minutes, as many reps as possible. I needed to modify and did a front box jump, that turned into a box step up because my knee has been hurting me more as of late. I increased my weight for the snatches to 18 pounds and was able to do it at that weight for the entire 10 minutes. I was able to do 5 full rounds of the WOD, which is on-par with the rest of the regular crossfitters! It was so empowering and I left feel accomplished.

I have to say that the coach for this class (I think his name is Matt) is excellent at teaching technique and form. He is encouraging. You can feel how much he loves coaching people and getting the best out of them. I also loved that Sarah stayed and cheered me on and coached me on my technique when I got tired. Seriously, they were great.

Today wasn’t as strong. Today it was a mental struggle. I hate these days. The WOD seemed ok on paper–250 singles, 50 wall balls, 50 push ups and 250 singles. Well, it sucked. The wall balls were a struggle but nothing compared to the push ups. I don’t know if I need to practice these more, but at about 20 they really began to suck and I wasn’t even half way!! I hated it. I got through, I did the workout in 12m 57 seconds. I know I could have had a better time, but I need to slow down right now, get the good technique and get through this mental block.

So this week was a mixed bag, one day of good, where I did cool new things and did them well for being a beginner. Then a workout where my mind was a jerk and worked against me and turned me into a baby. Stupid mind! Next workout will be better.