Poor Decisions

ex cat wagonAlright, time to get real–I worked out once last week. Blargh to that. And then I thought to myself “Hey let’s just go hog wild and eat sweets!!” Ohhh yeah. I had a ball. I want to share how I am getting through this without spiraling into the guilt/shame spiral that has happened to me in the past. This is important because how you rebound from slips, oopses, and major eating extravaganzas will determine whether you stay the course or you let the guilt eat you up and you get out of control. This was my M.O. until about 2 years ago, and even over the past two years, I have had a hard time letting myself eat poorly and not beating myself up. Lately I moved away from the idea of falling off the wagon/horse. I found the idea to be detrimental. Instead the following thought is what keeps me going:

“I am always on the horse. I never fall off. Sometimes the horse goes to the gym. Sometimes it has cookies. I am not stopping this, so I am never off the horse. EVER.”

I no longer feel guilty when I eat a cookie. I track it and I move on. And this is how I am dealing with last week. I have already gone to Pearland Crossfit today and I am mostly happy with my eating today. In other news, I went to put on my work shirt last week and it was significantly larger on me. I struggle with the arms on those shirts and they fit. Another happy dance!!

ex shit happens