Clothing #Win!

Went shopping for sweaters on Monday. I was in Ontario and it was cold. Having lived in Houston now for almost a year and a half, I am simply not used to -10 degrees celcius!! Further, I no longer own long sleeved sweaters. I own short sleeved ones for Houston “winters”, and thus was cold for my entire visit, especially when you consider that my parents turn off the heat when they go to sleep.

ex reitmansSo we started off, my sister and I, in Reitman’s. A store that sells regular and plus sized clothes. I went for the plus sized area and found nothing I liked, so I got adventurous and decided to dabble in the regular sized area. I found a few sweaters (unfortunately the 80’s has invaded the store and no, I do not want to buy that off-the-shoulder sweater in red, blue and black stripes!!! EW!), but I also found a nice blue shirt (short sleeved, of course). Tried stuff on, and voila, I was fitting in XL and Large sized shirts! Hot diggity!!! So I bought the short sleeved shirt. Ha ha, it looked the best!! And it was on sale!

ex rickis1Next we went to Ricki’s. Both of us had just bought regular sized tops and we were feeling frisky! Ricki’s, thankfully, had not been over-taken by the 80’s (as much), and thus I was able to find 8 sweaters I wanted to try on. I was nervous. It’s one thing to fit into regular sized clothes in a shop that sells plus sized clothing. It’s a whole other ballgame to try on clothes at a store that never takes plus sized women into consideration. As fate would have it, I looked pretty hot in 3 of those sweaters. Truth be told, I fit into all of the sweaters, but the others were unflattering on. So I bought 2 of them. And I wore one of them out of the store because it made me feel sexy. Yeah, that happened!!!!

It’s astonishing the changes that have happened with my body. I am way too close to the whole process. I had no idea was regular clothes Christine. I thought I was still plus-sized. I can shop all the time at regular sized clothes now! What??? This moment is like a fine wine: it a while to have it mature and get here, but it is a sweet and satisfying moment that I plan on savoring!! Right ON! This is what motivation feels like!!!

That is all.