Saturday is FUNday!

ex WOD2Ladies and gentlemen, I am sore. Super, super sore. Pearland Crossfit is making my core the sorest part of my body. So I went into my first Saturday workout a little (ok a lot) nervous about the workout. I knew I was going to be working out with people who are crazy in shape and I am over here attempting to run as much as them and lift as much as them.

My partner today was thankfully new to the Saturday workouts too, plus she was a strong runner than me, which was also good considering how many times we had to run 200 meters with a kettle bell. I was stronger in the weight portion, so we balanced each other out well! I was also really happy that even though we finished last, we weren’t way behind all the other people.

ex WOD3It was great to see all these people sweating hard, panting and even one was steaming at the end of the workout. Made me giggle! We were all in this painful event together and it was awesome. At the end, people were clapping for myself and my partner to finish, which was also pretty great. It is a nice team atmosphere.

Now I feel all wobbily. My legs are going to feel this workout! I can’t wait to feel insanely sore tomorrow, workout again and streeeetch it out. Yup.

Tomorrow: dinner party! Making teriyaki steak, scalloped potatoes and broccoli. Haven’t figured out dessert, but I am excited to have my first dinner party at my house!! I will probably skip out on the potatoes personally, just to keep it healthy.