Inventory Blip

Warehouse sceneSometimes work interrupts your regularly scheduled life. It happens. Mine came in the form of inventory. Store-wide, to be done in two days and then confirmed by my district manager on the third day. With the size of my store, doing this over two days is time consuming, stressful and all-consuming. And we won’t even go into the 8 week prep it took to get the store ready for all the scanning and researching. I worked 12 hours on Saturday, 10 hours on Sunday and was up early for my meeting with my DM on Monday. Oh yeah, I was a zombie!!! Needless to say CrossFit didn’t happen Monday night nor did any exercise at all happen during the weekend. Further, the food aspect was hit and miss. I drank much more coffee than I wanted to but I also drank as much Spark as I could and I brought my meals with me, but there was snack food all around me, and when I am tired I don’t make the best choices! I accept it, I had 2 days off, and I have moved on.

Now I am feeling awesome. Seriously! Inventory is over, Christmas rush is over, Black Friday rush is over. I don’t have a huge mass on my shoulders, I can finally focus on me. On my training, my eating and maybe other things? Like going to Canada next week!! And I was looking at photography classes today on my day off. Oh, and speaking of, I had energy on my day off! I cleaned my house, what?? My husband was shocked. It was amazing not to feel half-human. I might have also told him not to get used to coming home to a clean house!

crossfit meTonight’s CrossFit was killer–it was the full hour pretty much. The “warm up” consisted of a mile run (yay)(actually, ew) which I completed in 13 minutes. I walked for at least 1/3 of it. Probably more. I tried though! After that, the real workout was box jumps, pull ups and sprinting. We had to start off doing 10 box jumps and 1 pull up. Then 9 box jumps and 2 pull ups. And you did that until you worked your way to the opposite end, being 1 box jump and 10 pull ups. Oh and don’t forget the sprinting every 2 minutes. Ha ha ha ha! I am going to be sooooo sore tomorrow. I guarantee that. I also realized doing jumps on 2 weights is now “too easy” and I have to graduate to 3 for the workout to be challenging. Good times, I tell ya!

Tomorrow another workout will be happening, and I bet it’s going to be challenging! I also plan on going to their 9am class Saturday. I am excited for that one!