First Week at Pearland Crossfit

This week was rather intense. I not only have a lot of stuff going on at work, but I was adjusting to a new workout. And what a change this is–the boot camp I have signed up for is supposed to get you prepared to move up to CrossFit itself, so the workouts are teaching you the basic movements, proper form, and to get used to working out in short bursts that work out your heart to 85%-90% of its capacity. This is something completely new to me as I am used to working out for an hour and pushing myself but not to the extreme amount I am during these workouts.

Monday was crazy–the workout was good but the practice was very, very outside the box. We all attempted headstands. This was a great exercise in teaching me that a lot of limitations I see are mental. I honestly didn’t think I could do it going into it. Plus, I was almost peeing my pants in fear, trying this was terrifying. I have zero gymnastics training, I am not bendy and I was worried about how I would get my feet above my head and doing it. So I failed at least ten times, but I learned the proper way to have my legs out behind me and how to kick my legs up. I eventually got up and was so shocked I fell! I was so embarrassed. Plus I hurt my neck a little. I was glad I was able to do it and learned a valuable lesson in not letting my mind decide what I can do.

After my first week of working out at this gym I was sore. Sore all over. My legs ached, my hips ached, all in ways that meant I was working myself out hard. It wasn’t because I wasn’t listening to myself during the workouts, it was because I was changing things. I was accepting how challenging these workouts needed to, stepped up and my body is catching up.

This week I also came in first–twice. I tried extremely hard not to compromise my form during these workouts, and I am going to go into next week to slow down and see how low I can go in my squats and develop myself there. Further, I plan to increase the height of my box jump, I practiced it last week and I know I can make the jump–again another mental thing I have challenged myself on.

Below are pictures of two of my workouts this week, I am slightly obsessed in taking pictures of them. I feel extremely accomplished and validated from these.

WOD 01 09 13WOD 01 10 13