24 Hour Fitness

ex 24 hr fitAfter my three day pass at 24 Hour Fitness, I have a mixed review for it. I went to the boot camp class they run on Friday morning. It was supposed to start at 8:30am and did not start until 8:45am because the instructor was late. In the class, is was as I feared, little instruction was given, the music was so loud you couldn’t hear the instructor. Further, very little attention was paid to form and thus, had I not been working with weights for a few years, I could have hurt myself. I was unimpressed with the class overall. It had a few challenging moments, but overall, it wasn’t very challenging and I did not hurt the next day from it.

ex body-combatToday I went to Body Combat, a Les Mills class. This one was much better–it was like the kickboxing classes I take at TransforME, but without the punching bag. It was coordinated punching moves that are designed to work out your arms and legs. There was a lot of punching and kicking. I pushed myself and got nice and sweaty, making myself do the jumping jacks, running etc, so that I could get a great conditioning workout. I did miss the punching bags, had that been part of the class, it would have been an even better workout.

Overall, I like that this club has lots of different hours, plenty of classes, everything to accommodate my crazy lifestyle of working in retail. Sadly, I am looking for a place that is going to challenge me, not keep me at the level I am at or lower. I had a strong suspicion this would be my verdict at the end of the weekend, but I wanted to give it a fair shot. Thus, I plan on joining Pearland Crossfit this week. I know their schedule can be rough for me to get to at times, but I am hoping with its proximity to my house I can make it work.

Sometimes I wish this whole working out thing was easier. It would be nice if I hadn’t moved so far from my gym, I hate having to look for something new, when I am comparing it to something that was simply awesome. I plan on working out at TransforME every two weeks minimum if possible, just to keep the people in my life and to get full hour workouts.