Advocare 24 Day Challenge–Reporting on day 5

This week has been interesting. I haven’t had the same kind of headaches as in the past, which is odd considering how much sugar I was ingesting between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It wasn’t healthy and I got a weeeee bit out of control. I fully expected to be twitching on the ground missing sugar and feeling like a crack addict going through withdrawal. Instead my symptoms have been more subtle and I am beginning to understand this is how my mind works. It isn’t obvious. It’s sneaky and tricky. Take yesterday for example, I was leaving work late, after being yelled at by a customer and I had just missed my crossfit class because of this person. I was feeling down, I had really wanted to see what the next workout was. Getting into my car my mind said “Starbucks! You could have a steamer with soy and sugar-free syrup. It’s totally within the parameters of the cleanse! You deserve this for missing your workout and calming down that evil person for 30 minutes. I love you, this is what will make you feel better.” Seriously, this is almost exactly what went through my brain. Then I stopped and challenged that thought.

– I do not need food to make me feel better

– What makes me feel better is a good workout, comforting food just makes me a sloth and I am less likely to workout!

As punishment for that thought I drove right by Starbucks, felt the pangs of wanting and disappointment and drove on. When I got home I did my own workout for thirty minutes, which really did make me feel better. And the best thing? After the workout, my dinner was waiting for me. Yeah, my husband rocks.

As for other symptoms, the only other thing I felt was a yearning for something sweet and sugary last night while watching TV. I felt sad that I couldn’t have it and I missed it. I let the emotions go through me and then I ate some strawberries instead. They were sweet, but obviously not what my body wanted.

I think after the 10 days are up I am going to be vigilant about the sugar intake for the entire 24 days. I think I will not go to Starbucks at all during this time, nor will I have any evening hot chocolates or sweets. It is obvious my body and brain are having a hard time with this, and it’s going to take more than 5 days to reset it. Lord knows on day 11 it will kick in and tell me I was a god girl and beg for some sugar. I will be strong.